Ewuqet Ber (Wisdom Door) Elementary school is entering its 5th year since the community built it with some assistance from the local school board. It serves kids from grades 1-4, a total of 280 students, 70 kids per classroom (yikes!!!) It has been in this shape since it's inception, and often times the roof will be completely missing. Before our teams arrival,  they had fourteen benches which would seat 3 students per but the rest of the kids are regulated to sit on rocks or on the floor. The plan is to completely rip apart the structure and start over. Not only are these classrooms extremely small for the amount of students it serves but they are also not safe. Water runs through each classroom during the winter and thus the base has been compromised. But because the community needs the school as is for the current school year in order to be approved by the local school district to add a 5th grade to its curriculum and access via a car or a truck is next to impossible, we will postpone our structure aide indefinitely.  The community desperately needs a 5th grade approved because they do not want their children walking an hour plus to go to school at that age for safety reasons. Ewuket Ber Elementary is a minimum two hours, back and forth, walk from the nearest car accessible road. We can not imagine how painful the process will be dealing with workers and also having to walk everyday to the site. The upside? Because someone from outside their community came to visit their school, which is extremely rare, the parents have rallied together and promised to contribute more than they have in the past. They will build the temporary 5th classroom needed to meet the requirement for the approval. In the meantime we provided the seats necessary for all of the students, since it can always be used even after a remodel.