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Approximately two hours drive north from the city of Gonder is Fil Wuha Full Cyle School (Grades 1-8 and 30 KG students), instituted in 1996, Ethiopian Calendar. Fil Wuha directly translates to Boiling Water, because it is that HOT in the summer. It serves roughly about 680 students within nine classrooms. As seen in the photos, all the classrooms are in similar condition, ready to fall apart with one push. Every parent, student, and teacher is dreading the day a heavy wind comes across and removes  the structure from its base. It's already leaning left. Their only and new building/room is a facility built by UNICEF for teachers used as a resource center. We are not really sure why a meeting room supersedes classrooms but that is what the leaders of the schools requested and that is what was built. On the other hand, we are aiming to mimic their model using concrete blocks. Not only does it have grace as opposed to using chopped wood and mud, but it also lasts longer and will keep the temperature somewhat cooler. We chose to help this school primarily for three reasons: 

1.) it has a greater amount of students thus we felt the impact of our aide will be felt on a much larger scale. we hope to spread community involvement in their children's education as much as classroom building. visibility and impact is vital to get our overall message out. 

2.) it is next to a road. stating the obvious, an easier access for cars to go in and out will make life easier for the workers as well as for the project manager. 

3.) in a region still plagued by arranged marriages and early child agricultural labor, we anticipate an access to a respectable school will somewhat convince those super traditional parents to at least not get in the way of their children's educational future.

We came to an agreement with a contractor and to start the rebuild of the classrooms in October of 2017. Our agreement is to build four classrooms with our projected budget. It is up to the community of Fil Wuha whether they take our lead and expand on our efforts or continue to sit on their hand and watch their kids go to a barn for a classroom. 

The following images are of the school as it was, the progress with our construction, and the completion of the four classrooms:

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